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Michaela. 17. 5'(3/4)". 102lb.

I'm a sophomore at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, studying biology. This is my journey from the depths of an eating disorder, to the wonders of loving your body and loving yourself and getting healthy along the way. You can be happy with the number on the scale but hate how your body looks all at the same time.

NOTE: This blog does not encourage ED tedencies. If you need help, please do not be afraid to ask me for it. I am more than willing to help, but I will not promote the self destructive behavior.

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Being in college and staying as healthy as I did over the summer is soooo hard! I’m sure I’ve gained a few pounds or if I haven’t I know I’m not being nutritious by any means.

What I really need are delicious easy and healthy meals/snacks to keep me on track? Easy, delicious, yummy things I can make and not worry about whether I’m eating healthy or not!

It’s hard. Really hard. I keep pretty healthy foods in my apartment and try to stick to a meal plan. But there’s so many factors. Staying up late and munching on food while studying adds up. Going to study at a cafe and grabbing food adds up. Drinking adds up. Between 15 credit hours, volunteering, a leadership position in my fraternity, and aiming for a 4.0 on top of all that leaves very little time for exercise. I know people are probably going to read this and say, “well you make time to eat, shower, hang out with friends, etc. etc., you can make time for exercise.” That is NOT true all the time. Yes there are definitely days where I could exercise but I don’t. But most of the time it’s because I have to be dressed and looking nice and somewhere else in an hour without enough time to shower, or because I just have too much darn homework, or because I’d rather hang out with my friends. I really want to aim for at least working out once a week and then go higher if possible. I’ve been a bit off track with my eating because of this exam that’s been screwing with my mind, but I’ll start counting and eating healthier again soon. And I’ll post more I promise!

I tried to make a meal plan and it’s just looking SO expensive :( - Granted some of the stuff i won’t have to buy every week like bread, and salt and pepper and olive oil but PLEASE I need some guidance.

I’ll be grocery shopping for myself in just a few weeks and I have a budget, not a ramen noodle mac and cheese every night, but I won’t be able to buy expensive healthy foods. So tips please!

I’m really afraid I’m going to lose all of my good habits the minute I go back to school so I want to follow tons of people who are in school and staying healthy :).